ATTENTION: For the duration of the Coronavirus Quarantine, this office will continue to see patients via TELEHEALTH only. For an appointment, call the office to set this up. Even on the business days that we are not in the office, we will check daily for messages. So, if you call, please leave a phone number and times when you can be reached. And be sure to speak slowly and distinctly. Thanks for your consideration during this difficult time.
Mon-Wed, 9 am-5 pm.
Appointments on other days in crisis only.

Welcome to Bodenheimer Psychological & Counseling Center, L.L.C.
Bodenheimer Psychological and Counseling Center LLC was originally established in 1983 to provide professional Psychological and Counseling services to the people of this community. Counseling may be for individuals, families, couples, or for people with marital problems.

Psychological testing is conducted for many reasons. Personality testing, IQ testing, academic achievement problems, child custody evaluations, and criminal issues are among the reasons that a person might need Psychological testing. We also provide evaluation to determine if someone has developed problems such as dementia.

Reason to Seek Help
There are many reasons that people seek help for counseling or psychotherapy. A list of reasons to seek treatment are listed below.
Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Marriage Problems
Custody Issues
Panic Attacks
Alcohol Problems
Mental Illness
Mental Retardation
Personality Disorders
Postpartum Depression
Alzheimer/Dementia Issue
Gastric Bypass Surgery/Lap Band Surgery
Life Adjustment for Medical Circumstances
   Grief and Loss
   Physical Abuse
   Sexual Abuse
   Emotional Trauma
   Behavioral Problems
   School Problems
   Parent-Child Problems
   Family Problems
   Sexual Dysfunction
   Substance Abuse Problems
   Women’s Issues
   Anger Issues
   Schizoaffective Disorders
   Sexual Identity Problems
   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD
   Life Transition Issues
We also provide mediation for Divorce and/or child custody cases.

Choosing a Therapist
When you choose to seek counseling, it is important to choose someone who has received supervised experience and is certified or licensed in the specialty for which you are seeking help. This better insures a high quality of care and a successful outcome.

For Individual Counseling, Marriage, Couples or Family Counseling, we recommend a clinician who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in family therapy or someone who can document specialized training and experience in this field.

For Psychological Evaluations, we recommend a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is trained and experienced in the use of IQ testing and Personality testing including objective tests and projective techniques.